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The Use Of Digital Spying During A Divorce

Posted by James Cummings | Jan 08, 2018 | 0 Comments

Connecticut couples that are considering divorce may be interested in learning that digital tools are increasingly being used by people as a way to gather information about their spouses without their knowledge. Some of these devices, such as GPS trackers that can be attached to vehicles or spyware installed on computers and phones, can alert someone as to whom his or her spouse is talking or where he or she is going.

Using invasive technology is often legal. For example, parents are legally able to install spyware on their children's phones and computers. On the other hand, it is generally illegal to put spyware on another adult's phone without his or her knowledge or consent. However, attorneys cannot prevent their clients from using these tools to obtain evidence even if it is considered to be illegal. If the evidence is legally gathered, some lawyers may even use it during the divorce case. However, other attorneys will not use it due to the legal headaches it could create.

In some cases, using digital spyware is not about gathering evidence for an upcoming divorce. Some abusive individuals may use it as a way to stay in control of their estranged and ex-spouses remotely. Some people use this technology as a way to stalk their former spouses and keep control over their lives.

When a marriage hits a snag or becomes volatile, a person may decide that it is time to get a divorce. If someone's spouse is abusive or cannot deal with the fact that the marriage is ending, a person may take matters into his or her own hands through means that may or may not be illegal. A family law attorney may help someone seek protection during the course of the divorce and for a period of time afterward. If children are involved, a lawyer may also work to keep them protected during this time of transition.

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