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For many couples going through a divorce, child custody is the most difficult issue that they must face. It's not the end of the world to have to part with your favorite blender or car, but not being able to see your children on a regular basis is a devastating thought for most parents. In order to make sure that you do what is right for your child and that you are able to see him or her, you need to protect your rights and hire an aggressive child custody lawyer at Cummings Law Firm to represent you in Waterbury, Danbury, Torrington and throughout the region.

Whether you decide to go through mediation and make a plan on your own, or you take your child custody battle to court, it is important that you are represented by someone who understands family law and who can help you get the child custody that you deserve.

Best Interests Of The Child

When it comes to child custody, it is important to remember that it isn't personal. A court will do what is in the best interest of your child, even if that makes you unhappy. If you are negotiating child custody terms on your own, you should keep this in mind and make sure you are putting your child's needs first.

Child Custody Agreements

There are two main types of child custody that you should consider when making this arrangement with your ex - physical custody and legal custody. What's more, full custody and joint custody can be awarded when it comes to physical and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where your child will live once the divorce is finalized. If you and your spouse are awarded joint physical custody, this means that your child will be allowed to live with you for part of the year, and your ex for the other part of the year. Physical custody plans can differ depending on your situation.

  • For example, your child might stay with you during the week and your ex on the weekends. Or, your child might live with your ex during the school year and you over the summer. There are many different ways to work out joint physical custody, and our child custody lawyer can help. If sole or full physical custody is given to one parent, this means that the child will live exclusively with him or her.
  • The other type of custody, legal custody, refers to the ability to make legal decisions when it comes to your child. If you and your ex share legal custody, you will both have a say in things such as your child's medical treatment, education, religion, etc. If legal custody is only awarded to one parent, that parent will have full say over legal decisions that need to be made for the child.
  • The state of Connecticut defaults to joint custody when it comes to children in divorce. This is because the state recognizes the importance of a child growing up knowing both parents. For sole custody to be awarded to one parent, that parent will have to prove why the other parent should lose custody. If you want sole custody of your child, you will have to prove that your child's other parent is not fit to be a parent and that he or she has harmed your child in some way - be it physically, emotionally or sexually. Only if abuse or neglect is proven will the state award custody to one parent.
  • If you are not awarded physical custody of your child, you will probably be given visitation rights. This right will allow you to spend time with your child on a regular basis. In most cases, visitation is supervised by the state. Visits with your child must be planned in advance by your child's other parent and by the court. In some cases, a court-mandated supervisor will be present during these visits. In other cases, a responsible adult such as your child's other parent or a family member of yours will be present.

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