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Getting an Objective Medical Evaluation

As an injured worker covered by the Connecticut workers' compensation system, you have the right to be treated by a doctor of your choice. But that can only happen after an initial medical evaluation, almost always performed by a doctor chosen by your employer's insurance company. The doctors who conduct initial medical examinations are specially selected by insurers for their willingness to minimize injuries and work limitations.

Under Connecticut law, you have the right to obtain a second medical evaluation if you think that your initial evaluation was inaccurate or misstates your work limitations.

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Cummings Law Firm is dedicated to helping injured workers obtain all of the workers' compensation benefits they are entitled to. We can help you obtain a second medical evaluation, and if necessary, represent you in an appeal of your claim.

Properly communicating with your doctor is one of the keys to obtaining an accurate medical evaluation and hence a realistic assessment of your work limitations. You shouldn't exaggerate your pain or disability when talking with your doctor, but you shouldn't be shy, either. You also need to know that your behavior in the examination room, the waiting room and even in the parking lot will probably be noted by the doctor.

Attorney James Cummings can explain the medical evaluation process and what you can expect. He can also provide pointers about how to conduct yourself during the evaluation and how to communicate with the doctor conducting the evaluation. The communication skills you learn can also help you during your treatment regimen, by getting critical information into your medical record.

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Without an experienced workers' compensation lawyer on your side, you may not get all of the medical care and benefits you deserve. Cummings Law Firm can represent you, protecting your rights and seeking the benefits you need.

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