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When You Are Charged With A Property Crime

There are many different forms of property crimes in the state of Connecticut. Two of the most common and overlapping crimes are larceny and theft. In the pages in this section, our property crime defense lawyer at Cummings Law Firm provides information on these types of crimes as well as common punishments for each. Our firm also represents clients in a wide range of other criminal matters. With offices in Waterbury, we serve throughout the region.

Theft Crimes

There are many different variations of theft with which you can be charged. These include:

  • Acquiring property mislaid, delivered by mistake or lost.
  • Air bag fraud.
  • Conversion of leased property.
  • Conversion of a motor vehicle.
  • Extortion
  • Fraudulent use of an ATM.
  • Failure to pay wages.
  • Defrauding the public.
  • Obtaining property by false promise.
  • Obtaining property by false pretenses.
  • Receiving stolen property.
  • Theft of services.
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft of motor fuel.
  • Theft of utility services.

You can learn more about how our property lawyers can protect you from charges of the crimes listed.

Larceny Cases

There are six degrees of larceny that relate to different amounts of property stolen. You can learn more about the definitions of these degrees as well as common punishments in the larceny section.

With our experience in property crime cases, we can help protect your rights and find the best defense for your situation. Please contact our firm online today for more details from our experienced attorney: 203-754-7779. Initial consultations are free.

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