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Tailored Real Estate Services

Real estate law is one of the pillars of our practice at Cummings Law Firm in Waterbury. Attorney James Cummings is experienced in all facets of real estate law, including closings, commercial and residential transactions, litigation, and counseling buyers, sellers and land developers.

Our clients range from the individual first-time homebuyer to commercial and residential developers, contractors, landlords, tenants and businesses. For these clients we provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Advising and representing commercial and residential buyers and sellers.
  • Drafting, reviewing and reviewing purchase and sale agreements.
  • Handling for sale by owner transactions and advising FSBO sellers.
  • Representation at closing or assistance with preclosing document review.
  • Advising clients regarding title and property ownership
  • Representing buyers and sellers in disclosure issues that arise post closing.
  • Financing for real estate investments.
  • Land acquisition for improved and unimproved property.
  • Land use regulation, including planning and zoning.
  • Environmental site assessments.
  • 1031 exchanges.
  • Litigation representation for companies and individuals.
  • Boundary disputes and adverse possession claims.
  • Construction contracts.
  • Construction defect litigation.
  • Drafting and reviewing lease agreements.
  • Advising commercial or residential landlords and tenants
  • Mechanic's lien actions.
  • Mortgage foreclosure actions and cancellations.
  • Buyer and seller arbitration.
  • Partition actions.
  • Transaction disputes.

With our real estate attorney's experience in the market and our unique ability to assist our clients, we can make your home or commercial experience as simple as possible.

Residential Real Estate Issues

Whether you are interested in buying your first home or you are looking to sell a home and purchase a new one, dealing with residential real estate can be an overwhelming process. Most people will purchase a home over the course of their lives, but finding the right home for your budget, location and requirements can be a challenge. Our Waterbury real estate lawyer will walk you through this process, from helping you find the right mortgage, to assisting you with negotiations, to making sure that the closing goes smoothly.

Commercial Real Estate Matters

Those looking to buy real estate for commercial purposes face unique challenges that residential real estate buyers do not face. You will have to deal with zoning issues, contamination to the property and increased mortgage rates. We will use our experience to walk you through this process in Waterbury and make sure that you find the right commercial property for your purposes.

Renting Laws

If you are renting out a building to tenants or you are renting an apartment, various types of arguments between tenant and landlord can arise. We have represented both tenants and landlords in eviction cases and other disputes in order to resolve these issues. For more information on real estate law and how we can help you, please check out this section.

Serving Connecticut Clients with More Than 30 Years of Experience

Attorney James W. Cummings serves clients throughout the state of Connecticut from his office in Waterbury. If you or your business needs assistance with a residential or commercial closing or had a tenant dispute, Cummings Law Firm is on your side, at your side, every step of the way.

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