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Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer Seeking Compensation

Soon after a semi accident, the trucking company and its lawyers will be hard at work, investigating the collision and looking for ways to avoid paying compensation. You need a strong advocate on your side who will stand up for you.

At Cummings Law Firm, we provide focused, aggressive and professional representation for victims of truck accidents in New Haven County and throughout Connecticut. Attorney James Cummings has years of experience representing people who have suffered serious injuries and the families of fatal accident victims. When representing you, Mr. Cummings and his team will seek the best possible settlement or jury award for you.

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"My mission is helping my clients victims get the medical care they need and full compensation for their losses. I will do everything I can to win your case." — James Cummings

Experienced In Catastrophic Injury Cases

Because of their size and momentum, a semitruck can hit another vehicle with overwhelming force. The result can be life-changing injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries and spine injuries.

At our firm, we work tirelessly to help victims of negligence rebuild their lives. A key part of our work is ensuring that our clients receive the funds that can pay for needed medical care. To help us in this task, we often ask a life care planner to join our team. This medical professional will interview the accident victim, doctors, physical therapists and other specialists to identify the medical care, rehabilitation services and personal services that the accident victim will need over the course of his or her life. We then seek the financial resources to cover those needs, plus full compensation for all other economic and noneconomic losses.

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