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Beware Of Semi-Trucks On I-84 As They Can Cause Crashes

Posted by James Cummings | Jul 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

Anyone who has been on I-84 knows that seeing semi-trucks on that interstate is common. What many people don't realize is that driving around these large trucks can be a hazard, especially if the truckers aren't giving their full attention to driving.

It is easy to see why these truckers have to drive as safely as possible. Given its sheer size and weight, a tractor-trailer can easily crush smaller vehicles. semi-truck crashes occur for a host of reasons, but some of them you might not have thought about before.

Defects in design and maintenance

Defects in the design and maintenance of these semi-trucks and the trailers they haul can lead to issues with the way the trucks perform. There is a chance that these defects could cause problems serious enough to lead to crashes. For example, if the steering system goes out on a semi-truck while it is in motion, the trucker can't steer the truck and might end up slamming into other vehicles.

Trucker fatigue and distractions

Truckers need to give driving their full attention. When a trucker is fatigued or distracted, this can't occur. Lack of sleep and trying to drive too many hours are only two of the factors that can lead to trucker fatigue. This is the reason why federal regulations regarding hours of service limit the number of hours truckers can drive per shift.

When it comes to distractions, smartphones are a big problem. Other distractions include the radio, items in the cab, and wanting to eat or drink while on the road. Even being stressed out about life events can distract a trucker.

Improper cargo securement

Cargo in or on the trailer must be secured properly so that it doesn't shift or come undone. If cargo securement isn't done properly, the cargo can shift and cause the truck to swerve or become difficult to handle. It can also cause the cargo to come loose from the truck and crash into another vehicle.

Unrealistic delivery times

Some trucking companies promise customers really tight deadlines. When this happens, the truckers might not have the ability to decide how to handle instances of fatigue. They might try to drive the maximum number of hours in a day or they might speed and use unsafe driving methods in an effort to meet the delivery window. This could also lead to a serious accident that can harm innocent people.

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