Roadway Safety Can Reduce Accident Risks

When people in Connecticut get behind the wheel, they face the risk of a serious car accident. Every year, thousands of people are severely injured or even killed in motor vehicle collisions across the country. In fact, car crashes are the most common cause of death for Americans aged 2 to 34. There are a number of ways that people can aim to reduce the risk of serious accidents and improve their roadway safety. By doing so, they can help protect themselves as well as others on the road.

In some cases, car accidents are caused by external factors like bad weather, mechanical problems or poorly maintained roads. However, most crashes could have been prevented if the drivers involved handled their vehicles responsibly. While no one can prevent others from driving negligently, people can keep some tips in mind to protect themselves. In the first place, they can aim to follow traffic laws. Speeding or running red lights can have serious repercussions for everyone’s safety.

In addition, drunk and distracted driving can pose a particular threat. In 2013, over 30% of all car crashes were linked to driving under the influence. People should never get behind the wheel if they are above the legal limit. Instead, they should use public transit, get a ride from a sober driver or call a taxi or rideshare. Distracted driving is also a major threat linked to thousands of annual fatalities. With the rise of the smartphone, it is all too easy to focus on texting, surfing the internet or even watching videos behind the wheel. However, the outcome of this distraction can be catastrophic.

Many people face permanent consequences following an auto accident, including traumatic brain injuries or permanent disabilities. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help people injured in a crash pursue compensation for their damages.