Hazards In The Workplace Should Be Minimized

Workers in every sector face serious risks if the workplace is unsafe. The onus to keep employees safe is on the employer. The company must have protocols and training programs in place to help ensure that everyone can go home unscathed at the end of their shifts.

There are some injuries and accidents that are more common than others. These must be given a primary focus when the business is creating a safety plan. Employees must be told that they are at risk of specific injuries and given tips to avoid them.

Overexertion injuries

One of the more common injuries that workers face isn’t due to an accident. Overexertion injuries come from doing normal job duties, but they can sometimes be avoided or reduced by using proper body mechanics, stretching and using ergonomic devices. Some of these injuries come from cumulative trauma. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one example. These injuries usually seem minor at first but then get progressively worse.

Falls and falling objects

People and objects falling can lead to serious injuries. People who are climbing ladders, scaffolds and other devices should ensure that they are secured and using proper techniques. Items that are being used at considerable heights, such as hammers on upper floors of a new building, should be tethered to prevent them from falling onto workers.

Crushing injuries

Being pinned between objects, such as a wall and a piece of machinery, can lead to serious injuries. This is one of the primary reasons why workers who are operating equipment must ensure that they are doing so in a safe manner. They need to use a spotter when necessary. Having employees who work around moving equipment wear brightly colored vests can help to make them more visible.

Violence in the workplace

More and more stories are making the news about workers coming into their workplaces and using violence against coworkers. In some cases, these are former employees who are upset about something or even customers or random individuals who decide to commit a violent act. Workplaces should ensure that they have proper security to help thwart these situations. There should also be a plan for handling them if they do occur.

When an employee suffers an injury, they need to get medical care. Workers’ compensation should cover this cost. There are additional benefits that the program provides to workers who are unable to return to work due to the impacts of the injury.