Truck Fleets Turn To Technology To Reduce Distracted Driving

Commercial trucking fleets in Connecticut have many products to choose from when they want to monitor truck drivers and alert them to potential dangers. Although technology like GPS units and smartphones distract drivers, specialty monitoring systems in truck cabs can detect warning signs and alert drivers or fleet managers to take corrective action.

For example, Omnitracs watches for hard breaking, abnormal acceleration and sudden variations in work hours. This data produces an accident prediction score. According to the company, over 1,000 variables contribute to its prediction of driver distraction and accident likelihood. Similarly, Zendrive collects data from drivers’ smartphones to warn fleet managers and insurers to potential accident risks. Managers can use information gathered from monitoring systems to coach their drivers.

Trucking companies are increasingly investing in solutions like these to reduce accidents caused by distracted drivers. Insurance claims can run high for this type of accident because of the severity of the crashes. A distracted driver might not make any attempt to brake or steer away from a collision due complete unawareness of traffic conditions.

The problem of distracted driving continues to expand. Studies repeatedly measure the extent of the dangers. A study conducted by Zendrive found that on any given day 60 percent of drivers use their mobile phones behind the wheel.

In addition to mobile phone distractions, commercial truckers might also lose focus when they worry about their personal lives or experience fatigue. A person badly injured in a commercial truck crash caused by a distracted driver could seek support from a personal injury attorney. An attorney experienced in big rig accidents could look for evidence of negligence and prepare the insurance claim. If an insurer resists responsibility, an attorney could file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for medical bills, lost income and rehabilitation therapy.