When Ending A Marriage Is Better Than Staying Married

Connecticut parents may be aware that a little more than 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. While some marriages could have been saved if the spouses were able to get past their differences, there are certainly times where divorce is an appropriate option, especially if there are kids in the picture.

For example, a divorce may be an appropriate option for a couple when there’s abuse in the relationship. If a spouse or child is experiencing physical, emotional or sexual abuse, leaving a marriage and protecting the children is important. In some cases, going to counseling can help an abusive parent start to get on the right track. However, staying in the situation could set the stage for additional abuse.

Second, ending a marriage may be appropriate if the couple tried counseling but nothing got better. Coaching and counseling can help couples get past their differences and put them on a path to being able to work together again. If counseling fails to rekindle a spark, the marriage simply may have run its course and it is time for the couple to move on. Staying in an unhappy marriage can also have a detrimental impact on the children.

No couple gets married with the intent to get a divorce later in life. However, couples do grow apart and circumstances can change. This can lead to tension and unhappiness in the home that children are quick to pick up on. If a parent is intent on ending a marriage, a family law attorney could provide legal advice on how to go about dividing property and creating a parenting plan. In some cases, the parents may be able to go through divorce mediation, saving time and arguments over how custody and visitation will work after the divorce is finalized.