How Occupation Plays A Role In Divorce Rate

Connecticut residents who travel for work or are employed in nightlife-related occupations have the highest rates of divorce. This is according to data from the 2015 American Community Survey that was analyzed by FlowindData. The high rates of divorce among these individuals is likely because of their need for a flexible schedule that puts pressure on the ability to have a stable relationship. There may be a link between income and divorce rates as well.

Those who work as actuaries, software developers or medical professionals are the least likely to get divorced. Some say that this may be because those who take on these roles tend to be more rational and prefer efficiency. When divorce rates are plotted on a graph, it is possible to see that divorce rates among all professionals hover around the mean rate of 35 percent.

Other occupational fields with high divorce rates include shipping, transportation and travel. Other jobs where the divorce rate was lower than average include working in the military, farming or fishing. These jobs tend to be more popular among those who live in rural areas.

The end of a marriage may bring a variety of emotions. Talking to an attorney during the separation process may make it easier for an individual to find out more about his or her rights. Legal counsel may be able to help an individual obtain maximum marital property or retain parental rights after a divorce is finalized. If a person chooses to settle a divorce through mediation, an attorney may be able to review any agreement reached before it becomes official.