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OSHA updates its emphasis on trenching and excavations safety

Construction workers in Connecticut may be interested in OSHA's new update to its National Emphasis Program on Trenching and Excavation. The update, which was released on Oct. 1, supplants the 1985 special emphasis instruction on trenching and excavation.

OIG: lack of data led to OSHA underreporting injuries and deaths

The Department of Labor's Office of Inspector General has called out OSHA for underreporting workplace injuries and fatalities. The safety organization revised its rule on how employers are to report serious work-related illnesses and injuries as well as deaths. However, it appears that a lack of data has led to the inability to enforce those rules. Employers in Connecticut will want to know more.

The real costs of workplace injuries can be hidden

While many companies in Connecticut prominently declare a commitment to workplace safety, the reality is that an unnecessarily large number of accidents and injuries continue to befall workers on the job. Some companies almost consider worker injuries to be a cost of doing business, even when those costs can be substantial. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration can fine a company $129,336 if willful neglect of safety standards leads to an accident. However, the standard for proving such a level of negligence can be quite high and often difficult for the agency to meet.

Internet of Things tech improves workplace safety

Workplace fatalities and injuries are a huge problem in Connecticut and around the world. In fact, the International Labor Organization reports that 151 workers suffer some sort of on-the-job injury every 15 seconds worldwide. Meanwhile, 321,000 people lose their lives in work-related accidents each year.

Five tips for safety-minded employers

Creating a safety-minded culture in the workplace is often difficult. Connecticut employers and employees can both get caught up in the fast pace of work and ignore safety guidelines in their efforts to meet deadlines. This only leads to more injuries, less productivity and higher medical expenses and workers' compensation costs. Persistently bad performance may also increase turnover rates and tarnish the company's image.

Safety and construction injuries

Depending on the type of job they have, workers in Connecticut may be at risk for sustaining certain types of injures while at work. For construction workers, they have a high risk of falling, being caught between or in object, being electrocuted or being struck by an object. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 20 percent of all workplace fatalities take place at construction worksites.

Construction stand-down may help in preventing falls

Over one-third of construction fatalities in the U.S. are caused by falls, according to NIOSH. Because falls are the most common cause of deaths in construction, it's essential for employers in the industry to address any risks in the workplace and follow OSHA guidelines concerning lifts, scaffolding and other elevated surfaces. Thankfully, there's a chance for companies in Connecticut and across the nation to do precisely this.

OSHA warns of pinch point injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is warning employers about the overlooked dangers of pinch points in the workplace. Pinch points, which are areas in machines that could potentially catch body parts, could be made of two moving parts, a moving part with a stationary part or a material and a machine part. Whatever the situation, these machines can lead to serious injuries. Employers in Connecticut will want to know what can be done about pinch point hazards.

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