Men: Silent Victims of Domestic Violence

It is an unfortunate truth that justice is often corrupted by normative ideas and gender stereotypes. From Connecticut to California, people form judgments and opinions about the types of crimes certain individuals are capable of and which types of justice they deserve. If a person does not fit within those preconceived standards, then finding help … Read moreMen: Silent Victims of Domestic Violence

Financial Abuse: Domestic Abuse Isn’t Just Physical

Think of the phrase “domestic violence.” Which particular images come to mind? Odds are, the horrific and terrifying images we have all seen in movies and television are some of the first that spring to the forefront. While these terrible events do happen in real life, there are also other not so conspicuous ways in … Read moreFinancial Abuse: Domestic Abuse Isn’t Just Physical

Domestic Violence: Warning Signs

When most people hear the words “domestic violence” they imagine the terrifying incidents they see on television. While these events do occur all too frequently, domestic violence and abuse aren’t limited to the realm of the physical. As patterns of coercive and controlling behavior, domestic abuse can also include emotional and psychological abuse, sexual abuse, … Read moreDomestic Violence: Warning Signs

Understanding Divorce For Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex marriage is recognized and completely legal in Connecticut, and has been so since November of 2008. In addition, marriage equality for people of all sexual orientations was recently recognized by the Supreme Court of the United States. While this means that homosexual couples can now be afforded all of the rights and privileges associated … Read moreUnderstanding Divorce For Same-Sex Couples

Financial Tips For Women Who Are Getting a Divorce

It’s never easy to realize that a relationship is coming to an end, especially when it’s a relationship you thought would last forever. Perhaps you’ve known that this divorce was coming for a long time, or perhaps you were completely surprised when your spouse’s divorce lawyers showed up with a notice of a petition for divorce. Either … Read moreFinancial Tips For Women Who Are Getting a Divorce