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August 2019 Archives

Nursing home aides mock elderly woman on Snapchat

Families in Connecticut may face difficult decisions when it comes to placing their loved ones in a nursing home. Even family members who want to support people's ability to age at home may find few alternatives for relatives who develop dementia or other cognitive problems, requiring extensive supervision and safety protections as well as professional care. When people make the decision to turn to a care facility for help, they may be very afraid of neglect or abuse inside a nursing home. Well-publicized cases have also highlighted the dangers that residents may face inside facilities that are supposed to provide high levels of care.

September 15 to 21 will be CVSA's Brake Safety Week

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has set the date for its 2019 Brake Safety Week. From September 15 to 21, truck drivers and other CMV drivers in Connecticut will want to watch out because they are liable to be stopped for a brake inspection. Among commercial truckers especially, ongoing maintenance is required, and neglecting this rule may lead to drivers being issued an out-of-service order.

Cellphone distractions and nursing home negligence

In nursing homes, negligence takes many forms. Maybe a staff member doesn't read a form correctly and gives someone the wrong medication. Maybe communication skills are poor and so no one takes care of a certain patient, with two staff members each thinking the other one is doing it. Maybe a nurse gets busy and forgets a resident in their room when it's time for dinner.

Poor leadership can make workplaces unsafe

Management that fails to treat workers properly may be impacting their job performance and their safety. This is because Connecticut workers and others who are treated poorly tend to make decisions that benefit themselves personally. However, these decisions may have negative consequences for other team members. In some cases, people act out a sense of self-preservation because they aren't sure how they fit into the group or how they are seen by others on their team.

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