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Water parks present many safety risks

Connecticut residents who enjoy spending time at water parks may want to know about some of the risks involved. The first and most obvious is overcrowding. The World Waterpark Association estimates that a total of 85 million people visited the U.S. 1,300 water parks in 2015.

Assuming that one does not mind long lines, there is also the risk of injuries, which can range from scrapes and bruises to fractures and concussions. Water slide accidents are more common than roller coaster accidents, according to one media outlet. Some of these accidents can be fatal.

Wherever there are pools, there is the chance that the water is contaminated with feces and urine. Parents should know that swim diapers are not usually effective for containing liquid feces. With feces comes the presence of E. coli bacteria. Besides this, pools contain germs that are chlorine-resistant. Chlorine can be diluted by all the other substances that people bring into the pool like sunscreen and hair products.

On the other hand, excess amounts of chlorine can create a chlorine gas cloud. Chlorine poisoning blurs the vision and causes stomach pain and vomiting. In rare cases, it is fatal.

Someone who is injured at a water park may be able to pursue a personal injury case. However, it will require some knowledge of premises liability law. That's why a victim (or the family if the victim is a child) might want to hire a lawyer before moving forward. For example, it may be that chlorine poisoning occurred because of a defective chlorine pump. Whatever the case, the lawyer could hire third parties to investigate the incident. All negotiations could be handled by the lawyer.

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