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Driving While Distracted Can Lead To Accidents

Posted by James Cummings | Apr 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

Many Connecticut residents have to admit that from time to time, they drive while distracted. It could be that they are on their cellphone and answering phone calls, checking social media or responding to text messages. Many of these same individuals would admit that driving while distracted is dangerous. This disparity between what drivers know and what they do has an impact on how safe the roads are.

In a recent survey, drivers admitted that they spend an average of 13 minutes daily, or 91 minutes a week, using a device while they are driving. Although they know it may violate the law where they live, two out of five drivers in the survey said that they don't even put their mobile device down when they see law enforcement.

Interestingly, the same drivers who said that they use social media or text on the phone while driving have a bad impression of other drivers to do the same. As an example, many said that they would give their Uber driver a bad rating if he or she was texting while driving.

In addition to the dangers that driving while distracted present, there are other unsafe driving techniques that can lead to negative consequences. Many drivers, for example, say that they drive without using their hands. They may use their knee so that they can use their hands for other activities, like changing clothes, grooming or playing with their pet.

The research is clear that driving while distracted increases the chances of a person being in an accident. If a person is the victim of an automobile accident that was caused by someone driving while distracted, they may want to talk to a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney may help their client by reviewing evidence gathered from law enforcement officials, captured on surveillance video or recorded by eyewitnesses. This evidence might be used to help the client receive the compensation they are due for their injury.

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