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6 Factors That Lead To Aggressive Driving

Posted by James Cummings | Apr 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

A lot of car accidents in Waterbury happen because of aggressive drivers. In some cases, it really is an accident: Someone drives too fast, loses control of the car and crashes into a nearby vehicle. In other cases, it's deliberate. Road rage takes hold and one driver runs the other off of the road in the heat of the moment.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? We all drive every day. Why do some people struggle to do it safely and calmly? Why do they let emotions take over?

There are a lot of reasons, and every case is different. However, to help explore it a bit more, here are six reasons that experts have noted:

  1. Crowded roads: When there is too much traffic, people get frustrated. They want to drive at a normal highway speed, but the traffic forces them to slow down. Rush hour leads to a lot of road rage, tailgating and other aggressive acts.
  2. Road work: This is really similar to the above; when road work blocks lanes, traffics slows down and sometimes stops. Despite the fact that they should drive even more carefully around workers, many drivers don't.
  3. Being in a hurry: Scheduling conflicts often make people feel pressure they won't have otherwise. They wait until the last second to leave the house. Suddenly, any little issue — someone driving slightly slower than they want to go, for instance — makes them feel frustrated and angry. They drive aggressively to get around and make up time.
  4. Selfishness: Aggressive driving is inherently selfish. The aggressive driver puts everyone else on the road in danger because they want to get there faster. When people do not care about others, they take chances and cause accidents.
  5. Dangerous driving attitudes: In some cases, aggressive drivers do not even know how dangerous they are. They think it's fine to drive too fast, pass on the right and weave in and out of traffic. They may even think it's fun. A common problem is that people don't know how much space to leave between cars, so they tailgate unintentionally.
  6. Stress from other parts of life: Often, aggressive and angry attitudes have nothing to do with what happens on the road. Someone has a hard day at work or gets in a fight with their spouse. They already feel angry when they get in the car. As soon as someone cuts them off or makes a minor mistake, they become furious. They may also drive aggressively because they're feeling emotional and they want to blow off steam.

Have you been hurt by a reckless, aggressive driver? No matter why the accident happened, you need to know what rights you have to financial compensation.

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