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April 2019 Archives

6 factors that lead to aggressive driving

A lot of car accidents in Waterbury happen because of aggressive drivers. In some cases, it really is an accident: Someone drives too fast, loses control of the car and crashes into a nearby vehicle. In other cases, it's deliberate. Road rage takes hold and one driver runs the other off of the road in the heat of the moment.

Irregular schedules linked to increase in miner injuries

Miners in Connecticut have many inherent hazards associated with their chosen profession. According to a University of Illinois at Chicago study, irregular schedules could also increase the risk of sustaining injuries for miners. Researchers discovered that hurt miners who worked shifts lasting for nine hours or more tended to have either irregular work schedules or fewer than two years of on-the-job experience.

Driving while distracted can lead to accidents

Many Connecticut residents have to admit that from time to time, they drive while distracted. It could be that they are on their cellphone and answering phone calls, checking social media or responding to text messages. Many of these same individuals would admit that driving while distracted is dangerous. This disparity between what drivers know and what they do has an impact on how safe the roads are.

Preventing eye injuries in the workplace

Many Connecticut residents spend a good portion of their time at work. Unfortunately, each year, around 700,000 Americans experience an eye injury that impairs their vision in the workplace. Since so much time is spent in the workplace, it is imperative that emphasis is put on eye safety.

NSC: drivers are more distracted around emergency vehicles

Many drivers in Connecticut and across the U.S. become distracted whenever they pass an emergency vehicle on the street. In a survey conducted by the National Safety Council and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, 60 percent said they post on social media whenever they see such a vehicle. Just over 65 percent said they send an email about it. Seventy-one percent take photos or videos, and 80 percent slow down to get a better look.

Less emphasis on procedure reduces risk in the workplace

For business owners in Connecticut who wish to reduce safety risks in the workplace, the most important thing is to create a work culture that is more risk-minded than safety-minded. Many employers, unfortunately, believe that employees will be safe as long as they follow established procedures. Employees, for their part, often think of safety as the responsibility of the company and are not told to be proactive in recognizing and communicating risk.

Inspection blitz aims to identify unsafe trucks

Every year, vehicle inspectors in Connecticut and across the country focus on trucking safety as part of the Roadcheck inspection program. The 72-hour inspection blitz, which is organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, often focuses on different aspects of commercial vehicle maintenance and safety on the roads. These inspection blitzes aim to identify and address safety issues that could lead to dangerous or even deadly trucking accidents. The 2019 International Roadcheck will center on steering and suspension systems found in large trucks.

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