Temporary Workers’ Safety At Risk

Temporary workers in Connecticut may be exceptionally vulnerable to workplace safety violations and unsafe practices. Across the country, an increasing number of workers are considered contractors or temps rather than full-time or even part-time employees. This change in how labor is done often makes it easier for companies to dismiss workers and avoid obligations to … Read moreTemporary Workers’ Safety At Risk

Red Flags For Nursing Home Negligence And Abuse

Many families in Connecticut rely on nursing homes to care for elderly relatives. Vulnerable populations behind closed doors sometimes suffer from inadequate care or outright abuse by staff members. When visiting loved ones, people should watch for signs that the facility is failing to meet accepted standards for care. Lots of nursing home residents require … Read moreRed Flags For Nursing Home Negligence And Abuse

Why The Roads Are Becoming More Deadly

People in Connecticut may be concerned about their risk when they get behind the wheel, especially as National Safety Council statistics indicate that fatal car accidents are on the rise. In 2016, the latest year for which figures are available, 40,200 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents, a 6 percent increase over the … Read moreWhy The Roads Are Becoming More Deadly

What To Know About Eye Protection At Work

According to PreventBlindness.org, approximately 2,000 people incur eye injuries on the job each day. One in 10 of these result in lost time from work. In addition, 10 to 20 percent of all work-related injuries in Connecticut and the rest of the U.S. result in temporary or permanent vision loss. Employers are encouraged to find … Read moreWhat To Know About Eye Protection At Work

Workplace Safety For Employees

Workplace safety should be a concern of every worker in Connecticut. Having a safe working environment is a shared responsibility that depends on both management and workers communicating about and following safety standards. One tip for remaining safe in the workplace is to be aware of the unique hazards of a workplace or job. Once … Read moreWorkplace Safety For Employees

GHSA Confronts Lack Of Results From Speeding Reduction Efforts

Many drivers in Connecticut, as elsewhere, believe that speeding is culturally acceptable and do not mind engaging in it themselves. By doing so, however, they increase their risk for a crash, especially a fatal one. Pedestrians and bicyclists are often the victims of speeding crashes. If they only slightly decreased their speed, they could lower … Read moreGHSA Confronts Lack Of Results From Speeding Reduction Efforts

How Truck Drivers May Reduce Shoulder Injury

Some truck drivers in Connecticut may be in danger of shoulder injuries when they are raising or lifting trailers. However, researchers from North Carolina State University and the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries have looked at driver technique and concluded that positioning may significantly reduce the likelihood of damage. The study appeared in … Read moreHow Truck Drivers May Reduce Shoulder Injury