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Strategies To Keep Workers Safe Over The Holidays

Posted by James Cummings | Dec 05, 2018 | 0 Comments

The holidays are generally a busy time for retail establishments in Connecticut and throughout the country. OSHA is reminding business owners that they have a duty to keep all of their employees safe during this time. Research indicates that the extra hours spent working during the holiday season can have both positive and negative impacts on workers. For instance, people have less time to sleep or interact with family members, which may negate the benefit of increased pay.

Employers can take steps to help their employees maintain their physical and mental health. For instance, they can hire more security or limit how many people can be in a store while a popular sale is ongoing. As a general rule, keeping workers as calm as possible can limit their stress, which can limit their chances of getting hurt while on the job.

It is important that employers treat both regular and temporary employees the same. This means providing them with a safe place to work, and it also means that employees are paid the correct wage for the services provided. Workers who are taken care of will be more likely to respond appropriately when called upon to perform a task. This is generally true whether it involves interacting with people or getting a product ready to be sold.

Individuals who are exposed to unsafe working conditions may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they are hurt as a result. This may allow them to receive a portion of their wages while out of work as well as payment for medical bills incurred. Those who are injured at work may receive these benefits for as long as it takes them to return to the job. An attorney may be of assistance to workers who need help with their cases.

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