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December 2018 Archives

Serious crashes rise among dump and ready-mix delivery trucks

The number of accidents is rising among truckers in Connecticut and across the U.S. While the early 2000s saw a concentrated effort among federal regulators and insurance companies to improve safety technology and driver safety campaigns, similar efforts have stalled over the past decade. It appears that poor driving habits across the trucking industry are largely to blame.

Workplace fatalities decline overall in 2017

Connecticut employees may be relieved to hear that workplace fatalities declined across the country in 2017, with 43 fewer workers losing their lives on the job than in the previous year. These statistics were released by the national Bureau of Labor Statistics as part of its annual National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. Along with the numerical decline, the rate of injuries causing death at work declined from 3.6 percent to 3.5 percent. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration also pointed to concerning figures from the report.

Protecting outdoor workers during the winter

All employers in Connecticut have a general duty to protect their employees from occupational hazards, including cold weather, ice, snow and wind. During the winter, employers will want to make sure everyone is properly trained, especially those who remove snow or ice from rooftops and decks. Most of the hazards are not technical in nature, though employees who are used to a more temperate climate should receive specialized training.

Traffic crashes: the eighth leading cause of death in the world

The World Health Organization has ranked traffic accidents as the eighth leading cause of death in the entire world, beating out HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Traffic accidents are also the leading global cause of death among those aged 5 to 29. Connecticut residents will want to know what sort of improvements have been made and what else is being considered.

External airbags may reduce the severity of side collisions

External airbags may eventually become a reality on vehicles. However, it will take a while before car parts manufacturers perfect the technology. Drivers in Connecticut should know that these airbags could prove beneficial in the event of side-impact crashes. The ZF Group states that they can reduce the severity of occupant injuries by as much as 40 percent. ZF has even developed its own model of external airbags.

Strategies to keep workers safe over the holidays

The holidays are generally a busy time for retail establishments in Connecticut and throughout the country. OSHA is reminding business owners that they have a duty to keep all of their employees safe during this time. Research indicates that the extra hours spent working during the holiday season can have both positive and negative impacts on workers. For instance, people have less time to sleep or interact with family members, which may negate the benefit of increased pay.

Tips for Safely Traveling in Winter Weather

Like it or not, winter has arrived. This means having to drive in winter conditions. Roads in Connecticut can quickly become overwhelmed with icy conditions and driving snow. These conditions frequently lead to accidents, but there are plenty of safety precautions drivers can take to avoid a collision in winter weather.

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