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Employer Responsibilities For Protecting Temporary Workers

Posted by James Cummings | Nov 27, 2018 | 0 Comments

Temporary workers in Connecticut have just as much right to be in a safe job environment as permanent employees. This is why OSHA suggests that both employers and staffing agencies clearly define their responsibilities in their contracts to ensure compliance with workplace regulations and standards. Doing so may avoid confusion and legal problems.

If there are dangerous conditions at a workplace that result in a workers' compensation claim due to injuries sustained, OSHA may hold the staffing agency and temporary employer jointly responsible. In some situations, employers place temporary workers in a variety of roles. But before doing so, employers need to provide adequate safety and health training and give a full explanation of expected duties.

While employers have a responsibility to identify all possible hazards related to a position and to take reasonable safety precautions, staffing agencies also have to sufficiently prepare employees for expected work conditions. This sometimes requires a cooperative effort. For instance, a staffing agency might provide general health and safety training to temporary workers while the host employer gives more specific guidance relevant to the tasks that will be performed.

OSHA also stresses the importance of communication between staffing firms and host employers. Agencies are responsible for knowing ahead of time what conditions exist at a workplace to ensure they are sending qualified workers. At the same time, host employers must treat temporary workers like all other employees when it comes to training and safety and health protection.

OSHA stress the fact that ignorance of safety hazards on the part of an employer or staffing agency is not an excuse if a workplace injury accident occurs. Should a temporary worker have a difficult time filing a workers' compensation claim, an attorney can step in and attempt to facilitate the process.

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