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Avoiding Workplace Accidents In Cold Weather

Posted by James Cummings | Nov 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

Construction workers in Connecticut face additional safety hazards during winter months. There are several things that workers and managers can do to make a construction site safer during cold weather.

Prior to the winter season, it is a good idea to perform an inspection on areas that could freeze over during winter months. It is much easier to perform routine maintenance and repairs before ice and snow sets in. Fluids in all machinery should be checked to make sure that they are at the appropriate volumes and concentration levels for winter weather.

It is a good idea to get snow and ice removal equipment ready well in advance. Managers and employees should keep in mind that removing ice is a strenuous activity that can be difficult for some workers to perform. Having de-icer and sand ready for areas that become slippery when frozen will help make this task easier and prevent re-freezing.

Personal safety equipment designed for cold weather can sometimes restrict mobility. It is important to consider how equipment can limit movement and balance this with the need for protection from the cold. Gloves should be durable and waterproof but also of the right texture so that materials can be gripped easily.

Despite precautions, some workers may still be injured on the job. Workers who have been injured may be eligible to file a workers' compensation claim. Anyone who has been injured at work should make sure that they report their injury right away. Failure to do so may not completely bar a claim for workers' compensation, but it can give the insurance company providing coverage more leeway to say that the injury was not really work-related.

An attorney with experience in employment law may be able to help workers who have been injured. Some workers' compensation claims are granted on appeal after being initially denied.

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