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November 2018 Archives

How bedsores can be linked to nursing home negligence

Connecticut residents who have loved ones in nursing homes may be concerned about negligent medical care. Bedsores are among the most common injuries sustained in nursing homes. These injuries aren't just painful, they're dangerous, too, leaving the sufferer vulnerable to infection.

Employer responsibilities for protecting temporary workers

Temporary workers in Connecticut have just as much right to be in a safe job environment as permanent employees. This is why OSHA suggests that both employers and staffing agencies clearly define their responsibilities in their contracts to ensure compliance with workplace regulations and standards. Doing so may avoid confusion and legal problems.

Scenarios that could cause liability for slip-and-fall accidents

Snow and ice often accumulate on sidewalks and parking lots during winters in Connecticut. Snowy conditions represent just one source of slip-and-fall accidents. Falls caused by problems like a wet floor at a supermarket or poorly lit walkway outside of a business could impose liability on a property owner or possessor that left hazards unaddressed.

5 potential signs of nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect is tragic and heartbreaking. The very people who need care and assistance the most often do not get it from those entrusted to watch over them. Even when this treatment does not venture into full-fledged abuse, neglect itself can lead to all sorts of physical, mental and emotional difficulties.

How to prevent underage drinking at your holiday gathering

Hosting a family gathering is difficult regardless of the occasion. As a host, you juggle numerous responsibilities ranging from providing social introductions to preparing a meal. What you may not have realized, however, is that as a host you are also responsible for making sure that no underage drinking is happening at your event.

Sun glare can be dangerous to drivers

When people in Connecticut get behind the wheel, they can encounter dangers in sometimes-unexpected places. For example, few may think that a clear day presents a threat to visibility, but the excessively bright glare of the rising or setting sun can lead to serious problems and severe car accidents. However, by keeping some tips in mind, drivers can help to protect their safety in bright sunlight, especially during their morning and evening commutes.

OSHA citations often arise from lack of protection or training

Preliminary numbers from fiscal year 2018 released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have revealed the most common safety citations across industries. Employers in Connecticut that the agency cited likely failed to provide protective gear, train workers or maintain equipment.

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