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Everyone On The Road Can Help Improve Motorcycle Safety

Posted by James Cummings | Sep 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

Motorcycle-involved accidents can have some of the most devastating results due to the heightened level of risk associated with these vehicles. Some risk factors such as the weather or poor road conditions are out of a driver's control, but other factors including fellow drivers on the road are preventable.

When it comes to motorcycle safety, everyone on the road in Connecticut can take some added precautions to help mitigate the risks that often contribute to collisions involving these vehicles. Even taking a couple of extra seconds to double check the road or give more space for a motorcycle can mean the difference between a collision or a safe ride on the road.

What drivers can do

Cars and trucks are some of the biggest dangers for motorcyclists and their passengers. Drivers should consider the added risk factors associated with motorcycle operation while encountering these fellow travelers on the roads. Accidents involving a car and a motorcycle often occur due to low visibility and a lack of accommodating for the space needed to operate a two-wheeled vehicle.

Contrary to what some may believe, drivers should give a motorcycle as much space and they would another car or truck. Motorcyclists can occupy a full traffic lane, so cars and trucks should not expect to share space in a lane with a motorcycle at any time. Additionally, motor vehicles need to leave enough follow space to safely stop when behind a motorcycle. A bike may stop faster than a car, which lessens the amount of time a driver has to decrease their speed as well.

Keep in mind a few key reminders:

  • Take another look in blind spots and areas surrounding your vehicle before changing lanes or turning left across traffic.
  • Use the car's turn signal and wait a few seconds before actually making the lane change or turn so motorcyclists can make note of your intended movement.
  • Give the proper amount of space in a lane and when following a motorcycle. Treat these vehicles as if they're another car and leave the same amount of space for adequate safety.

The motorcyclist‘s role

Motorcyclists also need to do their part in taking proper safety precautions on the roads. Always stay aware of roadway hazards, weather conditions, state and federal laws and proper clothing or head protection.

Accidents happen, but your precautions can help lessen the damage.

Always remain aware of your surroundings and the attentiveness or lack thereof shown by others on the road. Drivers and motorcyclists alike can't simply expect others to take safety precautions; it's everyone's responsibility to attempt to decrease the risk of accidents on the roads.

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