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Don’t wait: Take action against nursing home negligence

Posted by James Cummings | Jul 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

It was a difficult decision to make, but you admitted your elder family member into a nursing home for a reason. You knew a nursing facility would be best to provide care to your beloved family member. Eventually, you find out that is not the case.

During your visits, you start to notice changes in your loved one and have concerns about their well-being. Here are some signs that negligence or abuse may be going on in the nursing facility if your loved one is:

  • Isolating themselves when they are ordinarily social
  • Displaying uncleanliness
  • Rapidly losing weight
  • Avoiding a certain staff member or staff members at the facility
  • Exposed to hazards that may make them susceptible to falling

All of these are important to note as negligence may lead to infection, health issues or injuries.

A nursing home must make sure they are overseeing their residents and attending to their needs. Speaking out may help not just your family but also others experiencing negligence at the residence. But sometimes complaints are not enough.

Impact of nursing home negligence

Unfortunately, this type of behavior may be more common than we think. Nursing home negligence is an issue across the nation. A New York man sent in numerous complaints to a nursing home for allegedly neglecting his mother, a resident there. After more than a year of concern and constant follow up, he felt no changes had been made when checking up on his mother. Ultimately, his mother passed away, and he believed it was due to the nursing home's negligence. If you, unfortunately, find that you and your loved one are in a similar situation, you have the option to pursue legal action against the nursing home.

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