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Was my gym injury due to negligence?

When you get hurt in the gym, it can be extremely frustrating and disheartening. It's not only because you likely will suffer ongoing pain, have to take unpaid leave from work and deal with unforeseen medical bills, but also because you will delay your workout goals.

Gym injuries can happen because you overexerted yourself while lifting weights or if you were careless with the equipment. In these cases, the responsibility for the resulting injuries will probably lie with you, and therefore you will not have a personal injury claim. However, the injury could possibly have been caused due to the negligent actions of the gym owners and their employees.

How could a gym be negligent and cause an injury?

All facilities that allow people to visit have certain responsibilities for keeping people safe. This is true for restaurants, amusement parks or gyms. Legally, these establishments must take all reasonable actions to ensure that their premises are safe and will not lead to a visitor getting injured.

In the case of a gym, there must be employees present at all time to ensure the safety of members and their guests. Weights need to always be correctly labelled to prevent overexertion injuries, and any faulty equipment must be clearly marked as "out of order" and taken out of service.

Gym employees must also make sure that the gym floors are free of hazards. Managers should ensure that there are no discarded weights left on the floor to trip the unwary. If a person trips on a discarded item on the gym floor, it is likely that the law will view it the responsibility of the gym to prevent any unnecessary injuries from a poorly-maintained area.

Unsanitary hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas can become breeding grounds for some nasty infectious agents. Gym owners and management must take all precautions to eliminate bacteria and viruses from common areas all members share.

There are many ways that injuries can take place in a gym, and it is important to distinguish between those which are self-inflicted and those which the gym owners had the responsibility to prevent. If you believe that your gym is responsible for the injury you suffered in Connecticut, it is important to take action.

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