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Safety And Construction Injuries

Posted by James Cummings | May 03, 2018 | 0 Comments

Depending on the type of job they have, workers in Connecticut may be at risk for sustaining certain types of injures while at work. For construction workers, they have a high risk of falling, being caught between or in object, being electrocuted or being struck by an object. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 20 percent of all workplace fatalities take place at construction worksites.

Fatalities that are the result of falling account for almost 39 percent of construction fatalities. Due to the dangers of falling, construction companies are required by OSHA to take every necessary precaution when protecting their workers. This includes providing acceptable guards for all floor holes. Toe boards and guardrails should also be positioned around all platforms, runways and open-sided floors.

Construction companies should make sure that scaffolding and ladders undergo regular inspections and maintenance and are clearly marked and removed from the worksite if they are not safe for use. Workers are to be provided fall protection equipment, such as a safety harness, safety nets and handrails.

Almost 10 percent of fatalities on construction sites are attributable to falling objects that strike workers. While there are many safety protocols that can be implemented at the sites, there are certain OSHA regulations to which the employers must adhere. Some of these regulations including requiring employers to provide hard hats and ensure that employees are wearing them. It is also important that the maximum loads for equipment such as scaffolds are not exceeded.

A personal injury attorney may assist clients who have been injured at work with obtaining the workers' compensation to which they may be legally entitled. The attorney might appeal denied claims or settlement amounts that are insufficient to cover the lost wages and medical expenses caused by the workplace injury.

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