Truck Accident Injuries And Fatalities Rising

As fatal accidents continue to rise on the roadways in Connecticut and across the United States, getting behind the wheel can be a major concern for drivers and passengers. While collisions of all types are on an upswing across the country, one of the most concerning types of crashes is those that involve large trucks. … Read moreTruck Accident Injuries And Fatalities Rising

CVSA To Crack Down On Unsafe Driving June 15 to 21

Connecticut drivers of commercial trucks and passenger vehicles alike should be aware that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will soon be holding its annual Operation Safe Driver Week. It has been scheduled for June 15 to 21. During this week, the CVSA will be joining with law enforcement nationwide to intensify its targeting of unsafe … Read moreCVSA To Crack Down On Unsafe Driving June 15 to 21

Ladder Safety Must Be A Priority For Construction Sites

There are many jobs at a construction site that require individuals to work above ground level. Ladders, lifts and scaffolds can all be used to get them to higher areas. It is important that workers understand proper safety procedures when they are working on these pieces of equipment. While there is some added stability for … Read moreLadder Safety Must Be A Priority For Construction Sites

Truck Fleets Turn To Technology To Reduce Distracted Driving

Commercial trucking fleets in Connecticut have many products to choose from when they want to monitor truck drivers and alert them to potential dangers. Although technology like GPS units and smartphones distract drivers, specialty monitoring systems in truck cabs can detect warning signs and alert drivers or fleet managers to take corrective action. For example, … Read moreTruck Fleets Turn To Technology To Reduce Distracted Driving

Five Tips For Safety-Minded Employers

Creating a safety-minded culture in the workplace is often difficult. Connecticut employers and employees can both get caught up in the fast pace of work and ignore safety guidelines in their efforts to meet deadlines. This only leads to more injuries, less productivity and higher medical expenses and workers’ compensation costs. Persistently bad performance may … Read moreFive Tips For Safety-Minded Employers

Safety And Construction Injuries

Depending on the type of job they have, workers in Connecticut may be at risk for sustaining certain types of injures while at work. For construction workers, they have a high risk of falling, being caught between or in object, being electrocuted or being struck by an object. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports … Read moreSafety And Construction Injuries