Self-Driving Cars Could Make All-Too-Human Mistakes

For many people in Connecticut, the allure of autonomous vehicle technology is highly linked to the potential it represents to make driving safer and cut down on devastating car crashes. By eliminating the human factor, including the potential for distraction, fatigue or mistakes, automated driving could present a futuristic image of fully autonomous roadways. However, others raise concern about the safety of self-driving vehicles, noting the propensity for software bugs, mechanical problems or hacking.

One professor at Arizona State University says that the most unsafe aspect of autonomous vehicles is the involvement of humans in their programming and development. Because humans are the ones who create self-driving vehicles’ software, human error can always be introduced. In particular, he noted that autonomous vehicles are designed to replicate the feel and comfort of a human-like driving experience. However, by seeking to mimic the behavior of humans, this can also enter less favorable human behaviors and assumptions into the vehicle’s algorithms.

Many high-profile technology companies are pursuing automated driving, including Google and Uber. Safety incidents involving automated vehicles generally receive widespread press coverage, including the first pedestrian death involving an automatic vehicle that took place in March 2017. Trucking is one area where automated vehicle technology is of particular interest as it represents the possibility of reducing trucking accidents by cutting down on issues related to driver fatigue or limited hours of driving. However, the safety of the technology could be improved as vehicles are designed to operate outside of the framework of human driving rather than mirroring it.

Today, most vehicle crashes continue to occur as a result of human drivers’ negligence or dangerous behavior. Car crashes and trucking accidents can lead to severe injuries and lifelong disabilities. For people who have been injured in an accident through no fault of their own, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help them pursue their claims for damages and seek compensation.