Parenting Plans Can Help Ease Children Through Divorce

When Connecticut parents of young children decide to end their marriage, one of the most emotional aspects can be dividing time with their offspring. Child custody and parenting time can be a major concern of both parties who don’t want the divorce to become a roadblock to their relationship with their children. Even when the divorcing spouses are very angry with one another, absent situations of abuse, it can be particularly important to protect the children’s relationships with both of their parents.

Developing a parenting plan is a major part of successfully ending a marriage. Focusing on the best interests of the child can help to achieve parenting goals that work for the whole family. There are a few tips that divorcing couples can keep in mind to help accomplish this goal.

Considering the former spouse as a business partner can be a helpful tool to think about the relationship. The children are the most precious asset of the marriage and need everyone’s support despite the difficulties involved. It can also be important to simply support each other’s closeness and bond with the children. Parents will have their own opinions and style, but as long as the child is loved and not being harmed, it is not necessary for the former partners to agree on everything. On the other hand, the most important aspects can be included in a negotiated parenting plan.

The end of a marriage will often encompass legal issues besides custody and visitation. Marital property must be divided, and in some cases child and spousal support are part of the mix. These matters can often be part of an overall settlement agreement negotiated by the parties and their respective attorneys.