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How To End A Marriage Properly This Year

Posted by James Cummings | Jan 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

According to a poll from the Independent, as much as 20 percent of couples consider getting a divorce after the holiday season. Connecticut residents that are considering ending their marriages may want to take certain steps to protect themselves throughout the process. One important step is to gather as much financial information as possible. This includes recent tax returns, credit card statements or anything else that may provide clues about a household's financial status.

Anything that is posted on social media may be fodder in a child support or custody case. Therefore, it may be best to limit what one posts on such sites. For some people, it may be worthwhile to simply stop using Twitter or Facebook until the case is over. A divorce may be a good time to step back and contemplate what the future may hold.

For instance, an individual may want to take stock of what he or she learned during the marriage and how it may shape him or her going forward. Individuals may be better off during and after a divorce by taking some time for themselves. This may include seeing a therapist or otherwise creating a support group of family members and friends. Doing so may help to counter the anxiety and self-doubt that divorce may bring.

A divorce may be an emotional event in a person's life. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have someone who may act as an advocate during the process. An attorney may be able to use state law to help an individual obtain a favorable settlement. This may include keeping a marital home, obtaining sole custody of a child or receiving alimony payments. Legal counsel may review prenuptial agreements to determine their validity if one exists in a given case.

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