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When Contemplating Divorce, Whose Needs Come First?

Posted by James Cummings | Nov 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

Married couples in Connecticut and other states who have put the possibility of divorce on the table may question whether they should delay the process for the sake of the kids. If the situation is abusive, it may be impossible to stay. However, when parents believe that they do have a choice, they may simply delay the inevitable by remaining in a marriage that does little to satisfy their yearning for love, fulfillment and intimacy. Parents who are discussing divorce may want to consider the conditions under which it might be appropriate to put their own needs first.

Impacting the entire family, divorce may have long-term effects on the children. Children who come from divorced homes may manifest emotional problems and be less likely to pursue higher education. Children whose parents are divorced have an increased likelihood of divorcing their own partners years down the road.

When the marital relationship is in jeopardy, however, the children are most likely aware of the ongoing tension between their parents. Even young children may pick up on parental cues, and they may experience less anxiety and stress when their parents are happily living under separate roofs. It is important that parents realize that not every relationship can be fixed. If their best efforts to improve the marriage have not worked, it may be time to move forward with the divorce.

Connecticut residents who want to learn more about the legal process may find it beneficial to meet with an attorney whose practice is focused in the area of family law. The attorney could help a divorcing parent successfully navigate matters related to the children, including support- and custody-related issues. In some cases, the attorney could also work closely with the client to better ensure that everyone in the family is prepared to successfully transition to post-divorce life.

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