Factors That May Lead To A Divorce

Although there is no way to say for sure if a couple will get divorced, there are factors that may increase the risk of a separation. For instance, if a person in Connecticut or elsewhere is married in their teens or after age 32, they stand a greater chance of divorcing. Age gaps may also a play a role in the success of a marriage as the odds of a divorce increase the wider the gap is.

Husbands who don’t work full-time may be at a higher risk of getting divorced as well. This may be because of the old stereotype that a man is supposed to earn the money for the family. Furthermore, those who don’t finish high school may be more likely to get divorced because lower levels of education may mean less money. Having less money may lead to increased stress within the relationship.

If one or both members of a couple withdraw during conflict, that may be a bad sign for the relationship. In many cases, it can be a difficult habit to break as each person thinks that the other is the cause of the lack of communication. Showing contempt for a partner or talking about a relationship in a negative way could also be signs that a marriage may not last for life.

While few people want to think about divorce prior to getting married, it may not be a bad idea to consider what a split might look like. Prenuptial agreements could deal with issues such as property division or alimony when emotions may not be running high. An attorney can review the terms of the deal before it is signed or after the divorce takes place to ensure that the document is valid.