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Risk factors that may contribute to divorce

Connecticut residents and others have to work daily to keep their marriage a happy and successful one. However, there are factors that may increase a person's risk of getting a divorce. While these risk factors don't necessarily doom a marriage to failure, they do increase the likelihood of someone getting a divorce. For instance, individuals who had divorced parents are more prone to having failed marriages.

Couples with contrasting drinking habits also are more likely to get divorced. The Institute of Family Studies found that people who either get married as teenagers or in their early 20s or after age 32 are most likely to get divorced. If someone is deemed to be extremely attractive, it may decrease his or her chances for a successful marriage. This may be because these individuals face greater temptation compared to those deemed to be average looking.

Women who became pregnant during the first seven months after getting married were less likely to make it to their 15th anniversaries. The divorce rate also may be higher for those whose firstborn was a daughter. Since female babies can survive stressful pregnancies better than boys can, it is believed that girls often are the product of a strained marriage.

Those who go through a divorce may feel a variety of emotions. To reduce their impact in a divorce settlement, a prenuptial agreement may be negotiated before the marriage beings. This document spells out which assets are considered joint property or exempt from property division. Individuals also may create parenting plans that deal with issues related to custody and payment of child support. Those who are going through a divorce may wish to talk to an attorney for help resolving such issues.

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