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How To Keep All Workers Safe Despite Their Age

Posted by James Cummings | Oct 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

According to a Pew Research Center analysis of federal data, 18.1 percent of the workforce is age 65 or older. This means that employers in Connecticut and elsewhere may have to create safety plans that take into account various experience levels. They may also need to incorporate a variety of cultures and areas of expertise. Employers will also want to make sure that they aren't stereotyping workers while delivering messages that they are likely to best receive.

To protect older workers, it may be prudent to remain in constant communication with them about their health. As a person ages, his or her body tends to start wearing down from a physical standpoint. In some cases, it may be necessary to adjust a person's workload or otherwise adjust that person's role within the company to keep him or her safe.

How a message is presented may also need to be tailored to a person's age and background. While younger workers may prefer to learn in short and interactive bursts, an older worker may prefer a 30-minute training video instead. Older and younger workers may learn more effectively if they are placed together in teams. This may enable those who are comfortable with the content of a lesson to learn from those who are comfortable with the technology used to learn it and vice versa.

Those who are hurt after being subject to unsafe working conditions may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. They may also be entitled to benefits if they are hurt for any other reason while on the job. Workers may help their causes by notifying their employers about injuries and seeking medical treatment promptly. Talking to an attorney may also be a good way to get needed financial benefits in a timely manner.

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