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Falls A Common Cause Of Worker Deaths

Posted by James Cummings | Oct 02, 2017 | 0 Comments

There were 937 reported deaths on construction job sites throughout the country in 2015. Of those deaths, 350 were related to falls, which means that it was the most common cause of accidental worker fatalities according to OSHA. To help make Connecticut workers and others safer, OSHA has been levying fines in certain cases. Repeat offenders tend to be more likely than others to face financial penalties after a violation.

OSHA also uses press releases in an effort to highlight companies that have violated safety rules. These releases generally include information about what may be done as a result of a violation. However, such releases have become less frequent since President Trump took office. Some companies believe that they do little more than shame companies and have little impact on worker safety. However, according to a former OSHA official, the releases are a good way to increase awareness about safety issues.

In addition to falls, OSHA is also focused on companies that violate safety rules related to trenches. In August 2017, a company called First Dakota Enterprises was fined $95,000 after a trench collapse that did not result in fatalities despite a worker being covered in debris. OSHA claimed that the company failed to inspect the trench or take other steps that could have prevented the collapse from taking place.

Those who are hurt in a construction site accident may face significant injuries. In some cases, workers may die in construction accidents. Individuals who have been hurt may qualify for workers' compensation benefits that may help cover the cost of medical bills and replace a portion of a worker's lost wages. The families of those killed in an workplace accident may also qualify for compensation, and an attorney may be able to help those seeking benefits.

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