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Blind spots happen off the road, too

Workers in Connecticut rely on their employers to establish and comply with proper safety procedures. Without these processes, all employees are at risk of on-the-job injuries that can have life-changing consequences. One area that employers sometimes ignore is that of the "blind spot" that workers can have while going about their daily tasks.

While many people associate blind spots with auto accidents, the fact is that people routinely move around areas where their line of sight is obstructed. In most cases, careful employees accommodate this deficit by using their other senses, such as hearing, to identify when another person or a possible hazard is in the area.

Unfortunately, the design of a workplace can compromise a worker's ability to protect him or herself. For example, high noise levels can keep workers from hearing warning signals on heavy equipment or even the footsteps of a coworker. As a result, accidents and serious injuries can result if the workplace does not train employees in procedures that can mitigate potential hazards, such as keeping to one side of a narrow hallway while moving so as to not run into someone else while turning a corner.

Ideally, employers regularly review workplace policies and procedures, as well as the physical layout of their space, to improve safety and prevent accidents. When this doesn't happen, employees may suffer injuries that keep them from working. This can trigger an OSHA investigation and may qualify the worker for some form of compensation.

Individuals who have been injured at work may benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney. The lawyer may be able to review the client's case and make recommendations regarding filing for workers' compensation or possibly seeking damages through a settlement or litigation.

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