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What Happens If An Employer Disputes Your Workers’ Compensation?

Posted by James Cummings | Feb 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

You work hard for your employer. You do your best every day, and you earn each cent of your paycheck. You may hope that your employer sees that and values you. Sometimes, however, after a worker gets injured on the job, his or her employer may decide to dispute the workers' compensation claim. This can feel disrespectful, even insulting. Don't get emotional about it. Instead, speak with an experienced workers' compensation attorney who understands Connecticut workers' compensation cases. The right attorney can make all the difference.

If your employer is contesting your clima, you should make sure you followed appropriate procedures while reporting the incident to your employer and filing your initial claim. If there were no mistakes or omissions, you may require legal aid to argue for your right to coverage under workers' compensation insurance.

Your employer's actions may not be personal

Chances are, your employer is just trying to prevent an increase in their workers' compensation insurance costs. A serious job injury could increase their monthly premium. Your employer may hope that your medical coverage will be sufficient coverage for all of your needs after your injury at work.

However, as someone who suffered injuries at work, you deserve coverage by workers' compensation insurance. After all, workers' compensation covers more than just medical bills. It can also cover your lost wages and the cost of education for a new job, if you won't be able to return to your old one.

While having your workers' compensation claim denied can feel like a personal insult, it doesn't inherently imply that your employer believes you are lying. While that is the case sometimes, more times than not, your employer may simply fail to see that you are entitled to and need those benefits during your recovery.

Ensure that the incident report with your employer accurately reflects your accident or injury, and speak with an attorney who understands workers' compensation claims before appealing your claim's denial to the state.

An attorney can help if your employer contests your claim

Experienced personal injury and workers' compensation attorneys understand the process of filing for workers' compensation, including appealing after your employer contests your claim. Partnering with an attorney who knows the process, the paperwork and precedent set by similar cases can help improve the odds of a favorable outcome. From connecting you with a doctor to document the extent of your injuries to negotiating with your employer to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, an attorney can handle many of the critical details. Don't try to fight a contested claim on your own!

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