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Divorce is a serious issue. Did you know that 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce? And, if you get married a second time, 60 percent of those marriages end in divorce? There are many different causes for failed marriages; many of these reasons are known factors. Because we want you to be happy, here are the most common reasons spouses choose to forego one another, and decide to settle their separation in a court setting with one of our divorce lawyers by their side.


Young Marriage

It seems as if couples are getting married younger and younger. Although back in the 60s, it was popular to get married right out of high school and have a lasting marriage, nowadays, it's very uncommon a marriage will last a few years if you choose to wed while in your late teens or early twenties. Why? Well, individuals still don't know who they are. Learning at a young age that you think you know everything makes you think you're ready for a commitment that will last a lifetime, but unfortunately, this isn't always the case. As time passes, so do styles of relationships, morals, personalities and many other factors that come with aging.


Divorce is common within relationships of individuals who decided to get married young. If you are thinking it's time you and your spouse go separate ways, call our divorce attorney here in Waterbury. Although we hope you do everything in your power to rekindle your love, if you can't, we understand. Call upon the finest divorce lawyer today! Meanwhile, stay tuned for our next blog: Top Reasons For Divorce.

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