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Same-sex marriage is recognized and completely legal in Connecticut, and has been so since November of 2008. In addition, marriage equality for people of all sexual orientations was recently recognized by the Supreme Court of the United States. While this means that homosexual couples can now be afforded all of the rights and privileges associated with heterosexual marriage, it also means they have to deal with the bad parts as well. Whether you were originally married in Connecticut or another state that allows same-sex marriage, it's important to consult with divorce lawyers in the event that your marriage comes to an end. Here are some important things to know about divorce for same-sex couples in the Waterbury area. 

Marriage Or Domestic Partnership

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriage weren't performed or recognized in all states. However, as a sort of middle ground, some of these states allowed for people to engage in civil unions or domestic partnerships instead. For all intents and purposes, these relationships were treated like marriages by the general public. However, they're not treated the same if it's time to bring the relationship to an end. Only with the help of a divorce lawyer can you be sure of your exact rights and obligations under the law, as well as the best way to proceed with the dissolution of your relationship.

Protect Your Rights And Your Children

If you were legally married in Connecticut or another state that legalized same-sex marriage prior to the federal ruling, it's important to realize that you must face all of the same financial separation and child custody processes that apply to heterosexual marriages. This may be more complicated because of adoption and other variables

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