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Realizing that your marriage can't be salvaged is a painful moment. The emotional trauma of permanently separating from your spouse can't be overstated, especially if you're not the one who's initiating the divorce. There's a common misconception that men are the ones who get divorces and that they have very little to lose from a divorce, but that's simply not the case. Men have just as much to lose, even more if they're the sole breadwinner for the family. Men also often have an uphill climb when it comes to divorces involving child custody because many courts and divorce lawyers have an unfair bias toward awarding sole custody to the female partner. Though it can be difficult, taking the time to be aware of the financial implications of divorce at the outset of the process will benefit men in the long run.

Be Aware Of How Much Divorce Costs

First and foremost, realize that divorce comes with a price tag. The size of that price tag varies depending on the divorce lawyers you hire and the complications that arise in the case. If your divorce lawyer feels that it's necessary to bring in forensic accountants, co-parenting counselors, or other experts, it augments the final cost.

Know The Different Types Of Alimony (And Don't Be Too Proud To Accept It)

It's common for one spouse to be court-ordered to pay alimony to the other. Whether this happens and the amount awarded depends on many variables that will be specific to your case. Depending on state laws, alimony is paid in one of three ways: As a lump sum, fixed payments, or a third way that's agreed upon by both parties and the judge, such as paying mortgage or credit card payments. Also be aware that alimony doesn't only flow from the man to the woman. If you have the opportunity to be awarded alimony from your spouse, don't be too proud to accept it.

Be Willing To Explore Alternative Child Support Options

If your divorce involves children, realize that you might have to contribute to the costs of child care whether or not you end up with custody. If you feel skeptical about handing over money directly to your ex-partner, try to arrange an alternative, like paying the school directly or school buying supplies online and having them sent directly to your child.

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