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Divorce is a serious issue in America. If you get married, you have a 40 to 50 percent chance your marriage will end in a divorce. And, if you have already been divorced and remarried, you have an even higher chance of getting divorced (60 percent). If you aren't sure you and your spouse would like to get a divorce, it's important to weigh your options. You could go to marriage counseling and work on things, or you can speak to a divorce lawyer in Waterbury. We only wish you happiness. To learn more about the first two reasons marriages usually end in divorce, read our previous post.


According to recent trends observed by the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly 2 million people tie the knot every year in the U.S. When those 2 million people entered into the institution of marriage, it's likely that they anticipated remaining a happy and loving couple "til death do us


Divorce has higher rates now than ever in history. We recently shared that you 40 to 50 percent of married couples are likely to divorce, and if you're on your second marriage, you have a 60 percent chance of getting divorced again. Although you can beat the odds, there are many couples who don't. If you're wanting to save your marriage, you must understand the common reasons that cause divorce. Catch up by reading our previous post provided to you by our divorce attorney here in Waterbury. Once you're finished, keep reading!


divorce.jpgDivorce is a serious issue. Did you know that 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce? And, if you get married a second time, 60 percent of those marriages end in divorce? There are many different causes for failed marriages; many of these reasons are known factors. Because we want you to be happy, here are the most common reasons spouses choose to forego one another, and decide to settle their separation in a court setting with one of our divorce lawyers by their side.


More than simply throwing up one's arms and saying "I want a divorce," ending a marriage is a process. To have the marriage dissolved legally takes time and effort. Cummings Law Firm has faithfully served the Waterbury area for nearly 25 years, helping the divorce process go as smoothly as possible for many couples who have made the decision to part ways. We are familiar with the aspects of divorce proceedings and have enough experience to answer any of the questions which are bound to arise. In fact, we can answer some of those questions right now.


It is an unfortunate truth that justice is often corrupted by normative ideas and gender stereotypes. From Connecticut to California, people form judgments and opinions about the types of crimes certain individuals are capable of and which types of justice they deserve. If a person does not fit within those preconceived standards, then finding help or receiving justice for crimes against him/her can be a difficult and overwhelming process. A prime example of this is domestic violence cases brought forward by male victims. Awareness of domestic violence against men is not a primary directive in most campaigns, and many males will not seek police action, let alone a divorce attorney for various reasons. And so, they suffer alone.


Think of the phrase "domestic violence." Which particular images come to mind? Odds are, the horrific and terrifying images we have all seen in movies and television are some of the first that spring to the forefront. While these terrible events do happen in real life, there are also other not so conspicuous ways in which abusers can harm their victims. The National Network to End Domestic Violence defines domestic violence as "a pattern of coercive, controlling behavior" that can include "physical abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, sexual abuse, or financial abuse." Domestic violence is a tragic situation no matter how you look at it; it can leave victims feeling hopeless and afraid, and leads couples down terrible paths that can include trauma, psychological damage, medical fees, and divorce lawyer fees.


When most people hear the words "domestic violence" they imagine the terrifying incidents they see on television. While these events do occur all too frequently, domestic violence and abuse aren't limited to the realm of the physical. As patterns of coercive and controlling behavior, domestic abuse can also include emotional and psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and even financial abuse; in any of these cases, the victims are left feeling confused, frightened, and possibly uncertain about their own ability to survive. If children are also involved, they too must endure all of the traumatizing effects and all of the same fears. Domestic violence is also not limited to people of certain circumstances, it can affect individuals of any age, race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, education, religion, or sexual orientation.

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